Is Orthodontics Just The Same As Cosmetic Dentistry

Is orthodontics just the same as cosmetic dentistry? Truthfully, they’re both closely related.

Nowadays, it’s common to see someone visiting an orthodontist not because he has oral cavity problems, but because he simply wants to improve his facial appearance.

Many people may know the role of an orthodontist. But what they’re unaware of is that it’s strongly suggested to start seeing this dental professional at age 7; hence, people start asking why. Here are some of the most important questions parents should ask their kids’ pediatric orthodontist, such are:orthodontic treatment

What’s the importance of sending my child to an orthodontist?

A child should start seeing an orthodontist at age 7 as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. You should take note though that seeing an orthodontist doesn’t indicate that a treatment procedure will be done right away. Early consultations are more on assessment purposes. Through this approach, the orthodontist can detect potential problems and can make a treatment plan for this problem to be prevented.

My child should see an orthodontist; but why at an early age?!

A lot of corrections can be made when a child sees an orthodontist at an early age. The consultation starts with an assessment where the dentist checks every part of the oral cavity. He also examines present and potential problems. Should there be any, he makes a treatment plan and implements it at the right time. Most importantly, he sees to it that any erupting teeth will be properly guided to avoid future abnormalities.

Early consultation ascertains enough space for any erupting teeth and for any crooked or protruding teeth to be avoided. With early assessment and treatment, future orthodontic treatments would no longer be that complicated to perform and a person will have great oral health.

Will early treatment guarantee perfect oral cavity to kids?

Perfection is not guaranteed nor does it apply to all children. Nevertheless, early treatment greatly increases the chance of having a healthy oral cavity. There are certain cases where treatment should only be implemented when the child reaches a certain age. In most scenarios, orthodontic treatment is done when all permanent teeth have erupted. Included in the treatment plan of an orthodontist is the right time to perform the treatment.

Will my child still need those funny looking braces once early treatment is finished?

First, it is amazing to know that braces today have greatly evolved. Gone are the days where you’ll be embarrassed in wearing these devices. Braces like the ceramic and the Invisalign are almost transparent, hence, making them undetectable unless someone looks at your child’s mouth close.

Regarding early treatment, there’s no guarantee that braces are no longer required when it’s done. There are cases when treatment is done later when all teeth have erupted. The good news is that wearing braces won’t be that long when visiting an orthodontist at an early age.orthodontics

Should my child still see the family dentist while visiting the orthodontist?

Yes, it’s still important to visit your family dentist since this professional is responsible for cleaning your child’s teeth regularly. It’s imperative for the teeth to be healthy before the orthodontist installs the braces.